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Edinburgh Recording Studio
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Edinburgh Recording Studio


MARK MORROW AUDIO is a state of the art recording studio situated in the north coast of Edinburgh. The studio is run by Music Producer and Engineer Mark Morrow. With over 12 years experience, Mark has produced thousands of songs for bands from all over the UK, accumulating in millions of online streams and regular features on BBC Radio One, BBC Radio Two, BBC Scotland, BBC6 Music, Kerrang, Rock Sound and lots of the big Spotify playlists.

Although primarily focussing on rock, pop and indie music, Mark has also been involved with the composition and production work in a number of TV advertisements for Channel 4 and STV.


Clients include: The Winter Tradition, folda, Vistas, Retro Video Club, wrest, swim school, The Eves, Indigo Velvet, Arcade State and many more... (see full client list)


Edinburgh Recording Studio




The Main Studio consists of a spacious and homely, acoustically treaded (and Sonorwarks tweaked) control room, live room and two isolation booths which act as an amp room and vocal booth. Mixing the latest state of the art technology with some staple analogue peices gives bands the best and most comfortable recording experience. There is a vast range of instruments and equipment to deal with any sound and vibe thrown at it. Many bands compliment on how homely and creative the studio feels, which makes the perfect environment for you to create your best work.


Computer and Interfacing

- Custom built MacOS machine with 64GB RAM, 5GHz i9


- Pro Tools Studio (2023)

- Universal Audio Apollo 16

- Universal Audio Apollo 8

- Universal Audio Satellite

- Plugins from UAD, Native Instruments, Melodyne, Slate Digital,

  Plugin Alliance, IK Multimedia, Waves, Toontrack, iZotope,

  SoundToys, STL Tones and many more


- PMC TwoTwo6

- Yamaha NS10

- Tannoy System 800

- Yamaha HS50m

- Genelec 7060B Sub

- Beyerdynamic DT770 (x6)

- Sonorworks Room Correction

Pre Amps

- Chandler TG2

- API 512c (x2)

- AML ezAM16

- Warm Audio WA73 

- SSL VHD (x4)

- CLM VHQ (x8)

- UAD Apollo Unison (x4)

- Joe Meek Channel Strip

Outboard EQ and Dynamics

- Black Lion Audio 1176 Bluey

- DBX 160a

- Roger Meyer 456HD

- Nekotronics BussComp

- Kush Audio Electra EQ

- Lindell Audio PEX-500 EQ

- Roland Space Echo RE-150

- Watkins Copycat

- Pioneer SR-202W


- JZ v47

- Blue Baby Bottle

- Aston Origin

- Shure SM7b

- Neumann KM184 (x2)

- Sennheiser 421 (x4)

- Shure SM57 (x4)

- Shure SM58 (x4)

- AKG D112

- AKG Solid Tube

- Cascade Fathead Ribbons (x2)

- MXL 603

- MXL 990




- Kemper Profiling Amp

- Marshall DSL100

- Fender Supersonic

- Orange Tiny Terror

- Vox AC4

- Engl Thunder 50

- Ampeg SVT

- Selmer Treble n Bass

- Selmber Combo


- Marshall 1960a

- Orange 2x12

- Fender 2x15

- Vox 1x10

- Ampeg 4x10


- Fender American Standard Telecaster

- Fender American Standard Thinline Telecaster

- Fender American Standard Offset Telecaster

- Fender American Standard Stratocaster

- Fender CIJ Jazzmaster

- Fender MIM Custom Telecaster

- Gibson Les Paul Studio

- Gibson Melody Maker

- Epiphone ES339

- Epiphone ES335

- Reverend Double Agent OG

- Squier Baritone Telecaster

- Fender MIM Precision Special Bass

- Martin D15 Acoustic


- Pearl Masters (22 x 12 x 16)

- PDP (24 x 10 x 12 x 16)

- Mapex Black Panther Steel Snare

- Mapex Black Panther Tomahawk Snare

- Sabian AAX Cymbals (various)

- Roland SPD SX Sample Pad

- Selection of Percussion

- Bongos

- Cajon


- Roland Juno 8

- Moog Rogue

- Moog Opus

- Upright Piano

- Organ

- Harmonium

- Various MIDI Controllers





The live room is great to get a big, punchy and clear drum sound. It is also a fantastic home for our upright piano which is always complimented on its character sound.  






There are two isolation booths in the studio. The first isolation booth is primarily used for recording guitar cabinets and combo amps. It's a very dry sounding room with very little reverb. The second booth is primarily used for vocals and quieter instruments, it's reverb time is even smaller which makes it great for capturing intimate performances.









Studio B sessions are run by Mark's assistant engineer - Ewan Simpson. Sessions here are tracked with Ewan and then edited, mixed and mastered by Mark. Studio B has the same homely aesthetic, and mirrors the same scaled down version of the main studio (although equipment from the main studio can be brought across). Whether it's tracking a full band, or working on vocal arrangements, bands love working in Studio B for its intimate and cosy environment.


Computer and Interfacing

- MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM, Intel i9 Processor

- Pro Tools Studio (2023)

- Universal Audio Apollo 8

- Plugins from UAD, Native Instruments, Melodyne,

  Slate Digital, Plugin Alliance, IK Multimedia,

  Waves, Toontrack, iZotope, SoundToys, STL Tones

  and many more


- Yamaha HS5

- KRK Sub 10

- Beyerdynamic DT770 (x3)

- Sonorworks Room Correction


- Shure SM7b

- Shure SM57 (x2)

- Shure SM58 (x2)

- SE Electronics SE2000

- Sennheiser e604 (x3)

- Sennheiser e904 (x2)

- Sennheiser e902






- Kemper Profiling Amp

- Fender Deluxe


- Fender MIM Baja Telecaster

- Fender MIM Precision Special Bass

- Squier Mustang Bass

- Epiphone Les Paul p90

- Martin d8 Acoustic


- Tama Starclassic Performer (22 x 12 x 16)

- Mapex Black Panther Steel Snare

- Sabian AAX Cymbals (various)

- Selection of Percussion


The Winter Tradition, folda, wrest, Arcade State, Dead and Confused, Laurent, Seeing Other People, Lubana, OAKLND, Luna the Professor, False Friends, Offline, The Eves, Kleopatra, Kendama, Bad Sex, Glass Monkey, Terra Nova, DMS, Lion on Tiger, Gerry Jablonski, Go To Girl, PYRO, SPYYN, Dootchi, K O N N E R, Stay for Tomorrow, The 101, Static Satellites, The Phantom Project, Gordon James and The Power, Primes, Hugh Kelly, Scott McWatt, Last Light, Waxwork Monologue, Dictator, The Shoals, The Vaunts, Forrest Fires, Cameo Habitat, Forrest Can't Run, Atlas, Zoax, Copper Lungs, The Youth and Young, A Sudden Burst of Colour, Rebel Westerns, Retro Video Club, Mt. Doubt, Vistas, Cold Years, Noah Noah, Hold The Suspect, David James Ritchie, Acrylic, The Rahs, Last Minute Glory, Cara Mitchell, Jack Stark, Jack Rowberry, E M I L I E, Geminii, Rachel Jonhson, Moscow, Huxtable, CEASAR, Bottle Note, The Moon Kids, Stop The Rain, WREST, Gentlemen Jackals, The Colony, Alex Maxwell, Junebug, Sleepless Giants, The Angles, Goon and The King, Matthew Hannah, DR, The Nickajack Men, Dylan Rush, House of Hatchets, Solitude, Northern, Hold Up There's Hope, Favourite Customer, Ill Fitting Thoughts, Amy Shiels, Godhole, Exit The Theatre, Ferric, The Naked Feedback, Artie Ziff, Jamie and Shoony, The Phantoms, Bronston, Indigo Velvet, Indigo Sixteen, Failed at Sea, The Northern, Benny Monteux, Neon Knights, Maybe We're Dead Already, Dalriata, Car Crash Hearts, Ali Robertson, GoodCopGreatCop, Sophie Burt, The Rich, Whitehill Grove, Campbell's Wild, Return to the Sun, Hunter / Hope, The Number 9s, Stella Reilly, New Year Memorial, Silver Coasts, The Indos, Wasted Youth, Donnie Willow, Emilio Largo, Academy Strangers, Gathering Lights, BoyGirlAnimalColour, SeaOfCrowns, Six Storeys High... and many more.



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